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New Abyss Healers Meta



New Abyss Healers Meta

We’re experiencing a new change in the Spiral Abyss where healers will play a major role, if you want to know more check the article below.

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Abyss Corrosion Effect

 Abyss Floor 11 will bring in a new mechanic called Corrosion. It affects all party members whenever an enemy is defeated. A Corroded character will lose a part of their HP every second, and your active character can die from it too. As in, the effect doesn’t stop if your active character reaches 1 HP.

Meanwhile, non-active characters will stop receiving Corrosion damage when they have less than 15% of HP left. Lastly, Corrosion lasts for 10 seconds and will stack. Each stack is counted independently, and the duration resets each time you kill an enemy. Corrosion will be a huge game-changer for the Genshin Impact meta.

This Meta will be more reliant on healers, which doesn’t come as a surprise because the next character to be released will be a healer, so just like Kazuha mihoyo is making use of the Spiral Abyss to get people to pull more on a new banner, because otherwise no one would want to waste their primogems on a healer.

Zhongli will have a hard time with this new floor effect, because all characters will lose hp overtime, and Zhongli’s main use is to prevent burst with his shield which will not work in this floor, taking Barbara, Bennett will be a good option for f2p players, but if you are not f2p then you should pull for Kokomi because she is made for this floor.



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