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Mistakes that Stop you from Climbing in League of Legends



Mistakes that Stop you from Climbing

It is very easy to look at other’s mistakes and mock them or flame them for it, but it is very hard to look at our own mistakes, just like we cannot see how bad our hair looks without a mirror but other people can, look to improve yourself and do not look at people that is an extra tip not only for the game but for life in general.

#1: Warding Mistakes Mistakes that Stop you from Climbing

Warding is very underrated especially in low elo, as you gain more game knowledge you will notice that warding can win you lanes and even teamfights, let’s imagine if you warded the enemy jungler’s path versus if you didn’t then in the first situation you would be able to guess where he is currently and take precautions, on the other hand if you did not ward anything then you would be playing in the dark only focusing on the opponent in front of you, but that is a mistake as League of Legends is not a 1v1 or a 2v2 game it is indeed a 5v5 and you should take everyone in the game into consideration and evaluate your winning conditions.

#2 Greeding Mistakes Mistakes that Stop you from Climbing

In lane it is very easy to get baited, imagine that game in which it was so boring to lane and no one got a kill in more than 10 minutes so you just randomly decided to all in your opponent without caring about anything like minion wave, enemy jungler’s path, enemy laner’s abilities and you still went in, many things could happen, one of them is you getting the kill and that is great but other things might happen too for example, if you went for the all in and left a huge wave under your turret would the 300 gold you got from the kill be worth it versus all the lost cs? couldn’t you have waited to clear that wave to go for the all in and get a bigger lead? next point, the enemy junglers appears as soon as you jump in something like a Nocturne that can ult you from half across the map or Taliyah, other laners with global ultimates could join too such as Twister Fate making you regret your decision to go in randomly and greeding.

#3 Talking in Chat Mistakes that Stop you from Climbing

This is as detrimental as warding and Greeding, chat in low elo has no use no one will give you useful information, that is why you should always mute all and focus on your game it is easy when you start a game just type “/Mute all” in chat and you are set you will notice that you will play better and come back more often from losing lanes when you mute others, your subconsciousness will start to focus on how it can improve yourself instead of blaming and fighting with other people to shift the blame and feel better about yourself faster, because it is very easy to see what is wrong with another’s lane and blame him but it is very hard to see what is wrong within our lane and make rational decisions to avoid these mistakes and make them right.


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