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Lucian Mini Rework



Lucian Mini Rework

League of Legends Lead Gameplay Designer tweeted about the upcoming changes that will occur on the champion Lucian, these changes will make Lucian go back into Botlane and remove him from Midlane were he is currently played the most.

League of Legends Lucian Rework

The Changes

  • Base AD will get changed from 64 to 62
  • Lightslinger (passive):
    • Vigilance: Ally buffs empower Lucian’s next two basic attacks to deal an additional 14 (+10 per cent total AD) magic damage
    • Maximum Auto Attack stacks will get increased from 2 to 4
  • Ardent Blaze (W):
    • Mana cost will go down from 70 to 60
    • Allies triggering the mark also cause Vigilance
  • The Culling (R):
    • Damage per Shot will go down from 20-60 (+25 per cent AD) to 15-45 (+25 per cent AD)
    • Number of shots will get changed from 22-34 flat to 22 (+25 per cent Critical Strike Chance) scaling.

These changes will be making him rely on other champions to dish out his maximum damage which could chase him away from the mid-lane since it’s a solo lane. Other than that, his numbers seem pretty strong and we could see a meta where Lucian takes the top spot as the best AD carry in the game.


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