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League of Legends Season 11 End Rewards



League of Legends Season 11 Rewards

November 15th signals the end of season 11 in League of Legends, and the beginning of pre-season 12 is just around the corner. Just like every season, if you have accomplished some milestones you will be getting some specific rewards.

Today on OvrPwr, we take a look at some of the latest League of Legends Season End Rewards.

Gold or Higher Rank Rewards for League of Legends Season 11

Just for completing Season 11 in a rank higher than Gold, you will receive the following items straight into your League of Legends account.

  • You will get an exclusive Victorious Blitzcrank Skin
Victorious Blitzcrank
Image Source: DotEsports
  • Depending on your Rank you will get Chromas for this skin as extra. See below for the different chromas for each rank. We think that master looks the best!
Blitzcrank End of Season Rewards
Image Source: Reddit

Second Clash Season Rewards

For when you play Clash, you will also get summoner icons depending on your earned Clash Points. See below for the list of clash points and your rewards.

For Contenders

  • Contender summoner icon: 100 VP
  • Contender Clash logo: 400 VP
  • Contender Clash banner: 1000 VP
End of Season Rewards in League
Image Source: DotEsports

For Conquerors

  • Conqueror summoner icon: 2,000 VP
  • Conqueror Clash logo: 3,000 VP
  • Conqueror Clash banner: 4,000 VP
Clash Icons for End of League of Legends Season
Image Source: DotEsports

Honor Level Rewards

If you’ve been a good player, then you’ll likely have an honour level. Honour level is based on how nice you are in games, and how your teammates rank you. Thankfully, because of the season end – League of Legends are now using Honour levels as rewards. The rewards tiers are as follows.

Honor Three capsule

  • Random ward skin
  • Three key shards

Honour Four capsule

  • Random ward skin
  • Random emote permanent
  • Three key shards

Honour Five capsule

  • Random ward skin
  • Random emote permanent
  • Six key shards
Level 5 Honor Rewards in League of Legends
Image Source: RankedBoost

Depending on which Honor Level you reached you will get the capsules listed above. We love this because all you toxic players will no longer have the chance to get these nice items! Better luck next time ragers!


What rewards did you get? Let us know down in the comments. We think some of these season end rewards are very nice and we’re grateful for them! Let us know down in the comments what you got, and what you think about these amazing rewards!

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