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Korea’s Rank 1 is a Midlaner (Champion Pool)



Korea’s Rank 1 is a Midlaner (Champion Pool)

쪼렙이다말로하자 is the player that is Rank 1 is a midlaner which comes as a surprise when the current meta is all about junglers you would expect the number one player to be a jungle main, and yet this player has managed to climb his way to the Rank one of one of the hardest and most competitive servers to play in

Below we will be listing the champion pool and runes with which he has been finding the most success.

#1 Champion: Le Blanc

Le Blanc is his 3rd champion that he is finding the most success with in the midlane with a winrate of about 52% he plays her versus low range or champions that lacks mobility in the midlane, he takes Electrocute as his main mastery and builds Liandry’s into Void Staff 2nd then Morello if there are enemies that have high regeneration powers, he maxes his W, Q ,then E last

#2 Champion: Ahri

I think Ahri is his main champion for an Ahri player to make it this high it is not only very difficult in normal servers but double or triple that in the Korean super server, he is an amazing Ahri player if you like this champion definitely watch him you might grab a thing or two from the way he plays her.

his win rate is about 53% with Ahri, he builds Electrocute and takes Liandry’s first item then Morello with Boots of Lucidity, he takes W first versus melee champions to proc that electrocute easily with Autoattack W Autoattack

#3 Champion: Zoe

The Champion he has found the most success with is Zoe, this champion is very annoying to play against she has a one shot potential every 5/14 seconds with her sleeping bubble if you get hit by that and you have no Cleanse, no Zhonya’s you are basically dead.

He takes Electrocute as his main rune, and builds Luden’s for a better wave clear and Aoe damage and that extra magic pen bonus on all items, he starts E as his level 1 ability and plays aggressive not letting the opponent relax a single bit in the laning phase



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