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Key Terms You Need to Know in League of Legends



Key Terms You Need to Know in League of Legends

League of Legends has many key terms that you will need to learn in order to play to your best! In this article, we will present to you some of the key terms that you will need to know before playing, not only in League of Legends but many other games too. Let’s jump in.

Key Terms – Auto Attack

AKA basic attack or AA in short is an attack that your champion keeps repeating when you right click an enemy this attack gets interrupted if you click on the ground to move or if you use a spell or get stunned 

Key Terms – Ability

An ability or spell that’s unique to your champion and different from a summoner’s spell, abilities in league of legends are by default assigned to your keyboard when you click Q W E R  


Area Of Effect spells, attacks, shields, buffs or debuffs, anything that doesn’t affect a single champion but a whole area and everyone in it 

Key Term AOE Affect in League of Legends

Key Terms – ACE

An ACE is when you kill all the enemies and no one of them has respawned yet 


It is short for Attack Damage certain items grand attack damage and influence how much damage you do with your Auto Attacks and some of your spells that deal physical damage 


It is short for Ability Power unlike AD which is Physical AP is Magical Damage some champions have passives that makes them deal a percentage of their AP as bonus damage with their auto attacks and also there are many spells that deal magic damage  


It is the monster that spawns at 20 minutes of the game and when you kill it you will get a buff that gives you bonus attack damage and bonus ability power and the speed of nearby allied minions is boosted too you will lose the buff when its timer ends or if when you die 

Key Term Baron Nashor in League of Legends


Is a beneficial spell that you give to your allies or is given to you it can be heals that give you back some lost health, shields that absorb some extra damage before your health starts getting depleted, movement speed that helps you run faster or attack speed that helps you attack faster all these are considered buffs 


Are all the non-beneficial spells that are cast on you or you cast on your enemies that make them move slower, lower their attack damage, stun them and make them unable to move or use spells and other



In conclusion, these are just some of the main keywords and key terms that you will need to learn before you play League of Legends! Many of our other guides from League of Legends and all of our games may use these key terms!

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