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Icebox Callouts in Valorant



Icebox Callouts in Valorant

At launch, Valorant had 3 maps, with the 4th one joining at launch. The 5th map, Icebox, was added to Valorant in Episode 1 Act 3. 

Here is a quick rundown of some of the most notable callouts and locations in Icebox. 

Icebox A-Site

Icebox Valorant

The A-side locations are as follows: 

  • A Site (the garage with ziplines) 
  • A Rafters (the ledges above A site) 
  • A Nest (the zipline box from attackers’ side) 
  • A Rafters (attackers’ side) 
  • A Pipe (the jump area next to attacker’s zipline box) 

Icebox Mid-Site

Icebox Valorant

Mid area locations are as follows: 

  • Mid Blue (also known as bottom mid) 
  • Mid Tube 
  • Mid Box  
  • Mid Sniper area (the little platform just in front of defender’s spawn) 

Icebox B-Site

Icebox Valorant

The B side locations are as follows: 

  • B Defender Hut (the small entrance right to defender’s spawn) 
  • B Top Hut (the area above the small hut) 
  • B Container 
  • B Back Side (also known as snowman) 
  • B Yellow (still in the containers area next to the yellow container) 
  • B Tube (there are two tubes the one in container area and the one when going to mid) 
  • B Top tube (or second floor which is the area above the B tube) 
  • B Green (some people call it crane so keep that in mind) 
  • B Garage (left of attacker’s side) 


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