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Hu Tao or Tartaglia? |Genshin Impact



Hu Tao or Tartaglia? |Genshin Impact

In a few days we will have a double banner, one with Hu Tao and Thoma, and the second one with Childe Tartaglia, if you are wondering who to pull for check this guide.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a Pyro polearm user, she is a pure DPS that excels at bursting Bosses, her passive makes her do more damage the lower her health is.


  • High Damage.
  • Fun to Play
  • Provides Crit Rate for other characters in the team.


  • A bit hard to play.
  • Not free to play friendly.
  • Requires a lot of investment and other characters can do better with lower investments.

If you need a DPS and you like Hu Tao, she can be that DPS you need but if you are free to play and cannot pull on every banner, i would suggest you wait until the next banner is announced if the next character in the banner is a better DPS and more free to play friendly pull for him instead, If you have Staff of Homa pull for Hu Tao because you already have the best weapon for her and you already have a big chunk of the investment done.

Childe Tartaglia


  • Very good Support
  • The only Hydro that can be a main DPS
  • Easy to Build


  • High Cooldowns
  • There are better options for main DPS
  • Not worth it for free to play

Childe is mainly used as an enabler or support to constantly apply Vaporize on monsters with, if you have a Pyro main DPS like Diluc, Hu Tao, Xiangling then he can be a good addition in your team, however there are better Hydro characters that excel at supporting better than Childe especially in the current Abyss Meta.


Pull for Whoever you like, do not let the meta dictate who you should play I tried to be as objective as possible, and did not sugar coat my words when some free to play players have to save months to get a single 5 star, so might as well make it worth it.


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