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How to Level Up Talents in Genshin Impact



How to Level Up Talents in Genshin Impact

Talents are special abilities that every character posses and can level up, these are divided into two types: passive and combat talents if you want to know more about them and how to level them up check this guide below.

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What you need to know about Talents

Most characters have have six talents divided equally between Passive and Combat ones, except Ayaka and Mona which have an extra talent related to their dash, when Mona or Ayaka sprints they become invisible and can sprit through terrains like water, some characters have talents that affect your whole party such as Tartaglia, and others have ones that are related to exploration like finding rare ressources such as Ninguang with Ores.



Exploration Abilities

How to Upgrade Talents

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  • Go to your characters tab
  • Click on the talents option
  • Select the talent you want to level up
  • Choose Level Up option at the bottom of the menu

Note: You cannot level up your character’s talent unless they are at least Ascension level 2, this means they need to be level 40 and ascended.

Each talent requires materials to be upgraded, the higher the level the harder it is to get the materials for the level up, since it is hard to level up talents and the materials are scarce you should save all your materials for your strongest main characters

You will need to run some dungeons to farm the talents level up materials these dungeons have daily rotations in which they change the drops you can get from them


To max out the level of one talent you will need a Crown of Sagehood which can be obtained from events, and it is highly recommended to farm the events that give this Crown.


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