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How To INCREASE Adventure Rank QUICKLY in Genshin Impact



How To INCREASE Adventure Rank QUICKLY in Genshin Impact

Adventure Rank is the level of your account, it influences your progression in the story, the max level your characters can get, the loot you will drop, the quality of the rewards from bosses, domains, the strength of monsters, and so on.

Ways to Increase Adventure Rank

  • Quests: Any sort of quest from Archon to Daily quest they are the fastest way to get Adventure Rank.
  • Using Original Resin: each Resin you use will get you 5 AR EXP which so use you Resin wisely.
  • Exploration: Opening Chests, Killing Monsters, Offering Anemo, Geo, Electroculus to Statues.
  • Progressing your Adventurer Handbook Achievements.

Tips to Progress Quickly

  • Reach Reputation Lv.6 or 9 on each city to unlock the Compass.
  • The Compass will help you find more chests which will give you a lot of AR EXP fast.
  • Complete Daily Commissions.
  • Spend your Resin on materials you need.

If you do not know how the reputation system works or how to craft the compass click here to find a guide we made about that, it should help you greatly as it is simple to follow.


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