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How to go on Expeditions in Genshin Impact



Expeditions are a way to get materials by sending some of you characters to gather them, you can get items such as mora ores and other cooking materials, learn all about which materials are best to get, and the best characters to send in the article below.

Expeditions Genshin Impact Ovrpwr

Expeditions Requirements

  • Reach Adventurer Rank 14
  • Have Available characters to send

How to Start Expeditions

  • Speak to Katheryne at the Adventurer’s Guild
  • Select Dispatch Character on Expedition.
  • Choose the area you’d like to send a character to.
  • Select a character to begin the Expedition.
  • After a selected period of time the Expedition will be complete.
  • Return to the Adventurer’s Guild to receive your rewards.

Best Characters to use

  • For Monstadt: Fischl, Bennett
  • For Liyue: Keqin, Chongyun
  • For Inazuma: Kujou Sara


Expeditions are a great way to gather Mora as it is the most important ressource to level up your characters and gets consumed pretty fast late game, so stacking Mora is in my opinion the best thing to do expeditions for but you can also send for any ore you want or ressource if you do not feel like farming them.

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