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How to get the Feel the Burn Medal in Osu! (2021)



How to get the Feel the Burn Medal in Osu!

Struggling to get the “Feel the Burn” medal achievement in Osu!? Don’t worry! Osu! Is a game of amazing fun where you can click the circles, tap the keys or catch some fruit! Not to mention bang the drum if you’re feeling extra-musical.

Today, we take a look at how you can get the Feel the Burn achievement in Osu! Fast.

How to get Feel the Burn Medal in Osu!

To get the Feel the Burn medal you simply need to;

Full-Combo a Marathon Map (7+ Minutes (DRAIN TIME)) without EZ or HT Mods. Slider End Misses will break Combo.


Notes:  This achievement is quite easy to do, and in most cases can be done just by playing Osu! Marathon maps for fun. Usually, these maps are over 7 minutes long. You cannot use EZ, or HT mods. With this, you need to just pass, at any level, with a full-combo. Sliders that are broken will count as combo-breakers and therefore the medal will not be received.

Best Maps to get Feel the Burn Medal in Osu!

The Feel the Burn medal in Osu is one of the easier achievements to get, if you’ve got a spare 7 minutes. As it can be any map (over 7 minutes long), there is a wide-range of maps that you can use to get these achievements. Just some of them are as follows. Make sure you get a full-combo with no slider breaks on these maps.

Songs Compilation – Senya

The Songs Compilation by Senya is 11:20 minutes long and is only 4 stars. This map may be a bit challenging for new players, but the songs on this playlist are still great to play to. This map is easy to play if you’ve got a spare 11 minutes! Try give it a go, and let us know how this songs compilation went for you!


Songs Compilation – Ray

Another Song Compilation by Ray is only 7:42 minutes and is only 3.5 stars to play. This map you may find easier than the above, and again the songs are still fun to play. Only taking 7 minutes to play, and the low star rating, we think you shouldn’t have a problem getting the feel the burn achievement using this song compilation.

Other Songs for the Feel the Burn Medal

Songs Compilation – ClariS

Our third recommended Songs Compilation is one by ClariS. This song compilations are only 9:41 minutes and is under 4 star rating. All the songs on this compilation is fun, and with it being only 10 minutes, you shouldn’t have any issues when playing this to get the Feel the Burn medal.


The Near Distant Future – Traktion

The Near Distant Future by Traktion is another great song for you to play. Although this song is 4.92 stars and 7:41 minutes long, this song is super fun to play. Why not take a look through the song and give it a shot, what’s the worst that can happen!

Why are Medals/Achievements Cool in Osu!?

If you’re like us, and you want to show off how cool you are – then using Osu!’s medal system (a.k.a the achievement system) could be a great way to do that. The medals are displayed on your profile, and if your profile is public then you will be sure to attract other players eyes to your wonderful collection of achievements.

Not only that, but the achievements and medals are a great way to track what you’ve done in the past as they separate into both luck-based, skill-based, and time-based (long-term stats for gameplay). This means that you can watch your progression through the eyes of the medals.

How to get the Feel the Burn Medal in Osu
Source: Wallpaper Cave

What are the Other Medals/Achievements?

Osu! Currently has over 100+ medals and achievements at the time of writing and getting them, all is no easy task, especially when you don’t know what they are! Here at OvrPwr we’re here to help you get them fast and effectively with Map suggestions and what the medal actually is!


In conclusion, we hope that this guide has helped you get the “Feel the Burn” medal in Osu! Both quickly and effectively! Be sure to take a look at our other Osu! Articles for more medal help and assistance so you can become the medal master.

We also update our Twitter regularly, so let us know how we did either over on Twitter or in the comments! Till next time!

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