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How to get FREE Rocket League Items in 2021



How to get FREE Rocket League Items in 2021

Want to get some FREE Rocket League Items? Rocket League is one of those games that heavily revolves around how good your car looks? Obviously, Rocket League is a game of skill, but we all know that the real battle is between the cars on the field.   

Getting some of these items can be costly, and although against Rocket League terms of service, you can buy items online. Not only this but every day – Rocket League hosts an item shop with featured daily and bi-daily items that you can buy.   

If you are wanting some of these items but don’t have the credits, then ‘buying’ the items isn’t exactly possible. Don’t worry, let’s take a look at this guide where you will be able to get FREE Rocket League items, fast and easily! Let’s jump in!  

Play Rocket League   

The chances are that if you’re wanting Rocket League items, then you’re likely playing Rocket League quite often. Rocket League is one of the only games to give out free items just by playing it, quite often.  

How to get Free Items in Rocket League

With the addition of blueprints (more on that later), you’re now able to get free Items just by playing the game. On average, you can play 3 games and receive 1-2 free items randomly. Admittedly, these items might not be amazing but you can trade them up into better items. In some rare circumstances, you can also get some very nice items or new vehicle drops.   

Simply by playing the game, you will get some free items and start leveling up your inventory.  

Play Rocket League Tournaments  

Just like above, playing Rocket League matches will get you some nice skins, but for the best chances to get you those nice and unique skins – you might want to hop into some tournaments.   

There are three tournaments a day in Rocket League, some in the daytime and some in the evenings that will let you play either with 2 of your friends, or two random players for a 3v3 bracket-knockout style cup. There are also second-chance tournaments should you get knocked out of the tournaments straight away.   

Rocket League Tournements Structure

When you play your tournaments, you will notice you get “Tournament Credits”. These credits are earned exclusively through playing tournaments and will allow you to redeem rewards, specifically for that season’s tournament rewards.   

The higher level you play at, the better the rewards. These rewards include black markets and they look amazing. Simply by playing in these tournaments, you’re guaranteed to have some nice, and more importantly FREE Rocket League Items.   



As we mentioned above, Blueprints are random-rarity drops that you receive just by playing the game. Just like drops, you can get these items into your inventory to use on your cars, however – you have to pay credits to ‘redeem them’.   

In other words, you’re much more likely to get higher-rarity (Export, Exotic, Black Market) items but you will have to pay credits for them. This isn’t always a bad thing as everything can be traded up, apart from black markets.   

Blueprints Section

Blueprints are not limited to how many you can get, as they are randomly dropped and you are likely to get one after every few games.   


In Rocket League, there are always challenges for you to complete. Although some of these challenges are super easy to do, sometimes you can get free crates for you to unbox. In turn, you are getting yourself some free items.   

Rocket League Free Challenges

A lot of the time, however, expect to get XP – but leveling up can also give you some free rocket league items anyway, so it’s always worth completing the challenges!   

Trading / Trade-Ups  

One of the best ways to earn FREE Rocket League items is to trade, or complete trade-ups. Rocket League has recently introduced a more advanced trade-up system showing you what you have, and what you can trade up to, and we think it’s worthwhile trading up items that you don’t want into some better ones.  


Trading up in the game doesn’t only let you trade up items that you own outright, into other items that you can use instantly, but you’re also able to trade up your blueprints. These blueprints that you trade up to don’t cost anything to trade up, but do be aware that it will cost more to redeem the blueprint when you reach the blueprint you want. For more black-market items, you are looking at 2000+ Credits to redeem.  

NEW Rocket League Trade Window

Trading player to player is also an amazing way to get some free items. By joining discord groups and online trading communities, you can trade some of your items (no matter how small they are) into better items that are more desirable to you. This will take a little bit of time to go from a smaller, rare item to a black market, but we believe that you can do this quite quickly and get the items that you want.   

Earn Currency and Exchange for Rocket League Credits  

Another quick way to earn free Items in Rocket League is by completing tasks, playing games, and downloading games to earn a currency, to further exchange into Steam, Xbox, or PS vouchers to buy credits. If you play Rocket League on Epic Games, then you can also use PayPal to redeem credits on those platforms.  

A common website that we’ve used is Idle-Empire. On Idle-Empire you can complete surveys and other small tasks, play games online or on your PC/Phone, and even watch videos in the background to earn “credits” that can be exchanged for these other currencies.  


Once you complete enough tasks and withdraw your desired amount, you can exchange these into Rocket League credits and get some of those blueprints, and or items from the shop that you’ve desired for so long. The next, more “bonus” side of this guide will also need some credits to start with, so this might help with getting you even more items.  

Bonus – Rocket Pass (Not Free)  

Something that we believe is really good, but not free to do is by using the Rocket Pass. Like most games, Rocket League has a Rocket Pass where you can complete challenges, and level up your pass to earn items. Whilst there are free levels within the battle pass, buying the battle pass and leveling it up all the way will give you over 100 new items to spruce up your vehicle.  


Rocket Pass in Rocket League

As we mentioned, if you can spare the extra $10 to get the Rocket Pass, or can earn it using the method above, then we’re sure you’ll be able to do this with ease and get those amazing items. The good news is, if you buy the Rocket Pass and don’t spend any of the credits that you get from the Rocket Pass, you’ll be able to buy the next Rocket Pass without spending a penny.   

Participate in Giveaways  

Our last method that is more luck-based than effort-based is by entering giveaways. Many Rocket League streamers and pros giveaway Rocket League items on their platform quite frequently, you just need to find them and enter them.  Take a look over on Twitter, or Twitch.

Usually, these items are high-tier, so is definitely worth trying to enter them even if you don’t like the item. Remember, you can always trade them for something more your fit!   


Overall, getting true free Rocket League items might be a challenge, but if you want to grind out the game, and feel as if you’re playing it for a while – then we’re sure all of these methods will help you on getting those free Rocket League items for your games. Let us know in the comments if any of them helped you, or if you have any other ways, you earn free Rocket League items!   


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