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How to Find all Missing Anemoculus



How to Find all Missing Anemoculus

If you have followed the interactive map and searched for the anemoculus one by one, then you in the end you find out that you are still missing some but you dont know which, then this guide is for you.

How to Locate the Missing Anemoculus

  • Finish Monstadt Prologue Act 1 Quest and reach Adventurer Rank 25
  • Go to the Image Icon Location Below and Talk to Hertha
  • Next Complete her Weekly quests until you get Reputation level 2 in Monstadt
  • In the Reputation Level Rewards you will get a Blueprint claim it and go learn it at an alchemy stone
  • Make the Oculus Resonance Stone
  • Go to your Inventory and Equip the Resonance Stone
  • Once you have done all that you will see the Resonance stone above your Elemental Skills
  • Kill the hotkey alocated for it and the device will start scanning until it finds something
  • After it stops scanning open the map and look for an area that is highlighted like the picture below
  • This is where you need to got to find the Missing Anemoculus


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