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How to Farm Primogems in Genshin Impact



How to farm Primogems for Free in Genshin Impact

Primogems in Genshin Impact is one of the main currencies that you will come across when you play. PGs can be obtained in a number of ways, and even more, can be spent in ways to better your gameplay experience. PGs can be bought, or earned for F2P players. Today, we take a look to find the best ways to farm Primogems. 

How to Farm Primogems 

Primogems can be obtained in a number of ways, and in some cases can be from free codes or grinding out the game. Let’s take a quick look into the fastest and easiest ways to farm Primogems today.  

Redeem a Primogem Code 

In Genshin, there are quite often free reward codes that usually include a small amount of PGs as well as other materials. Although these codes are often found and expire after a few months – we still believe “GENSHINGIFT” still works. If this code works for you, you should receive 50x PGs and 10x Ore. 


For a full list of codes, you may find it best googling to find them! We wish you the best of luck! 

Primogem from Adventure Ranks 

When you level up in Genshin, otherwise called “Adventure Ranks”, you are often given free Primogems as a congratulatory prize. This is not always the most reliable way to get free  PGs and this is usually an ad-hoc way of getting PGs to spend. 

Primogems from the Adventure Handbook (Campaign Missions) 


In the adventure handbook, the book of campaign missions usually has PGs for every other mission, or rank up of the chapter. This means that after some time, and completing the missions, you can get quite a large number of PGs just for completing the game.  

This is one of the easier way to level up, earn PGs and get other nice valuables whilst playing Genshin Impact. 

Spiral Abyss Rewards – Primogems 

Spiral Abyss rewards have gotten better over time, and after completing certain levels of the Spiral Abyss you will receive a nice amount of Primogems. Floors 1 – 8 rewards players with 100 PGs for every Abyssal Star, limited to 3 per floor. Floors 9-12 however only provide 50 Primogems per star, however, refresh every Abyssal Moon reset.  


This can be an amazing way to get extra PGs for just defeating levels of the Spiral Abyss. 

Genshin Impact Events 

More often than not, Genshin will be hosting some kind of special event, that will usually hand out PGs. By completing or even just participating in events, you are allowing yourself to get free PGs for doing low-rated tasks, or tasks that can be completed easily during the event.  

Be sure to keep your eyes out, either on Genshin Impact’s main website or from OvrPwr, to find out what events are present.  


Daily Commissions and Quests Primogems 

You may have noticed that every day you will get the chance to complete commissions, or “quests” that can be done daily. These often pay 60 Primogems based on completing all the commission tasks. This can be the most solid way to get yourself some Primogems for 15-20 minutes’ worth of work! You also get a lot of level XP, which is a bonus! 

Not only this but completing normal quests such as the side-quests or alternative missions will often leave you with a small amount of  PGs that will stack up and give you some amazing amount of Primogems. Simply view the menu to find out what you’ve got to do already! 

Primogems from Chests, Treasure, and Achievements 


Finally, Primogems can be found in all treasure chests and achievements. By opening any treasure chests around the map, you will always get a few (usually 5) Primogems to spend. Slowly but surely, this will add up and let you spend them. 

Achievements from completing challenges, and progressing through the game will also help you get Primogems. For example, completing the first few chapters will net you around 100 PGs if done correctly. Achievements range from 5-20 primogems in total.  

How to farm Primogems in Genshin Impact Free Primogems


To get PGs fast can be a little challenging but best believe that after some slow grinding to get them – they are very easily gathered. We hope this guide has been helpful for you on how to receive Primogems and the best ways to get them! 

Let us know in the comments if you have any other methods to get PGs quick! 

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