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How to Farm and Spend Mora in Genshin Impact



How to Farm and Spend Mora in Genshin Impact

Mora is one of the most important ressources in Genshin Impact, you might not think so if you are a beginner player, but just as a small teaser you will need almost 2 million Mora to level up a character to level max.

Mora Ovrpwr

What is Mora used for

Mora has many uses in Genshin Impact the most common uses for it are:

  • Purchase Consumables from all the shops
  • Level up your Characters
  • Upgrade your Artifacts
  • Enhance your Weapons
  • Ascend your Characters
  • Using the Alchemy Bench features

Where to get Mora

Mora Ovrpwr

It is found all over the world of Teyvat it can be gotten from:

  • Fighting Enemies
  • Using the Expedition function
  • Opening Treasure Chests
  • Doing the Adventurer Book’s Challenges
  • Doing Ley Line Blossom of Wealth
  • Clearing the Spiral Abyss Floors
  • Opening the Northland Bank treasure chest
  • Exchange Anemo Sigils at the Souvenir shop

Make sure to stack as much as you can, because it goes away pretty fast when you start to optimize your main team, spend wisely, and focus on leveling only what you need.


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