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How to CS Better in League of Legends



How to CS Better in League of Legends

CS means Creep Score, and it defines the number of minions that you kill per minute, farming is a very important skill more than getting kills sometimes as 15cs equals the same gold you get from a kill, but sometime if you kill an enemy too many times then he is not worth that amount anymore, but 15cs is still worth the same amount as a kill, is this guide we will give you tips on how to improve your csing, and escape elo hell.

Pick a CS Champion

Every champion needs to cs, but some need to do that more than others.

For example Veigar benefits greatly from last hitting minions with his Q, because each time his Q last kills a minion he gets extra Ability Power, which will scale to late game and sometimes will be like having 2 extra items in stats.

Another CS champion would be Annie, she is great to learn how to farm with, when a minion is about to die just shoot your Q at it and if the Q finishes him then your mana will be refunded.

Another idea is to pick a champion that deals extra damage to minions or that hits harder than normal champions, Ashe and Tryndamere are the ones that have these characteristics respectively.


Go Into Practice Tool

Yes I know, it is boring but trust me it is very beneficial and you will not need to do it for a very long time, the best thing about practice tool farming is that you are alone so you do not need to worry about the enemy laner poking you, the jungler ganking you, or you just doing random stuff in lane instead of csing.

This will help you learn the tempo and animation speed of the champion you will be playing, in this practive tool you can start with champions that are easy to cs with like Tryndamere, then move on to a harder champion to farm with like Ahri or LeBlanc.

Only Recall on Cannon Minion Waves

Play passively to not get poked hard, so that you do not need to back often, if you do have to back, either push the wave to the enemy turret, or if you cannot do that and you are low, then wait for the cannon wave to come out, you can check if the next wave coming is a cannon minion just by looking at the mini map, if you see a big dot coming out of the nexus start recalling; by the time the enemy laner will try to push the lane as fast as possible to make you lose cs under tower, but if it is a cannon wave, then he will take longer to kill the canon, and even if he did clear the wave fast, his cannon will tank your turret for longer which will make you lose less cs to your own tower.

Farm more and Roam less

Roaming in low elo is overrated, you might help your other lanes get 10 kills but they will still let you down by inting plays in late game, do not roam but instead focus on yourself get as big of a lead as possible and blitz through your lane.

You will get a bigger lead this way, because you will have more farm which means more gold and more items, which also means that you will be stronger than the others, and in the end if you keep pushing the enemy team will have no choice but to invest more people on you, the support will have to roam and leave his ADC which will leave him vulnerable in a 2 vs 1, the jungler will come which will let your jungler take his farm making him stronger, or give your team information that the jungler is helping in your lane which will make your allies go for plays without fear if getting ganked.

So technically you are benefiting your team better than you would if you roamed and killed their botlane 10 times, because let’s be honest games in low elo are a coin flip.


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