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How to Complete all your Dailies Fast in Genshin Impact



How to complete Daily Comissions in Genshin

Dailies are a great income for Primogems especially for F2P. On average, you can get 60 Primogems every day by doing them and if you do that for a month you will have 1800 Primos which is enough to do more than 10 pulls.

Speaking technically, if you only log in every day to only do dailies and without claiming any game rewards you will be able to get your first five-star character in about 7 months if you add in the rewards we get from events just for login in you can lower that estimation to 4 months even 3 if you are lucky.

Today, we take a look at how you can complete all your dailies in less than 10 minutes, to get the most out of your Genshin Impact gaming experience. Let’s jump straight into it.

How to Finish all your Dailies in 10 Minutes

Finish Dailies in Genshin Impact
Image Source: OvrPwr

To start with, open your map and look for the purple Dailies Icon. Click on it, then click on the title that appears on the left. In the above example, this shows as “A Small Step for Hilichruls”. Your version will likley appear different, unless we have the same quest!

Common Place for Daily Challenges in Genshin Impact
Image Source: OvrPwr

When you click on this, as you can see from above – a quest information window will appear showing you the rewards you will get from that quest, and what to do in it. Once you’re ready to complete it, simply click Navigate.

Comission Quests in Genshin Impact
Image Source: OvrPwr

For a faster shortcut to, you can also find these quests on your “Quest” tab, or by clicking “J” on your keyboard. It’s best to note, that they go under the group “Commission Quests”. We’ve highlighted this in red in the image above.

A Small Step for Hilichurls Genshin Impact
Image Source: OvrPwr

After you have picked up the quest you want to do, you will need to teleport to the closest tower or domain. Once there, head towards the purple icon on the map. Once you arrive a quest will start, and you’ll need to complete it using your main team for the fastest completion.

How to get Free Primogems Daily in Genshin Impact
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Once you have finished the requirements, the quest will complete. This in turn, should give you the rewards automatically as you can see from the above image.

Dailies in Genshin Impact
Image Source: OvrPwr

Once you have done these steps to all of the 4 Dailies on the map, go back to Monstadt or the town of the area you picked for the quests so you can claim the daily comission reward.

Claim Dailies in Genshin Impact
Image Source: OvrPwr

Talk to the Adventurer’s Guild Receptionist Katheryne, and Click “Claim Daily Commission Reward”. Once completed, you will recieve your rewards for completing all of the quests. (Highlighted in Red).


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