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How to Add and Play with Friends on Genshin Impact



How to Add and Play with Friends on Genshin Impact

Being able to add and play with friends is a very cool feature and what makes Genshin Impact fun, to that follow the steps show in this guide.

How to Add and Play with Friends

Open your Game menu get your friend’s UID then go into your Friends Tab.
Next Click on the Add Friends middle circle then paste your Friend’s UID into the search bar then click Search.
Once you have added your Friend you need to be Adventure Rank 16 at least to be able to join him in Co-Op Mode.
Once you are AR 16 Search for your Friend’s UID in the Co-Op Mode search bar make sure it is him by checking his name then click Request to Join.

That is all, now you can enjoy playing with your friends, explore the world together, and farm each other’s world resources if needed, after taking their permission of course, if people join your world and start taking all your valuable world resources without your permission, you can go back to the Co-Op Mode window and kick them out of your world easily, but if you feel like you are not going to farm ores or anything for a few days then it is fine to let them take what they need, some resources take a few days to respawn so be warry, besides that, friends of higher rank can come and help you do some difficult game content, like domains, and elemental bosses to get your needed ascension materials.

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