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How Many Primogems can a F2P get in Patch 2.2 in Genshin Impact



How Many Primogems can a F2P get in Patch 2.2 in Genshin Impact

With Patch 2.2 being release, as a F2P your Primogems income is limited. But that doesn’t mean it is inexistent. If you do these steps below for 42 days (which is the duration of Patch 2.2) you should be able to get a 5-star character.

Today, OvrPwr takes a look into how many Primogems you can get from Patch 2.2 in Genshin Impact.

F2P Primogems Genshin Impact Paimon

Ways to get Primogems as a F2P

As you may know from some of our other Genshin Impact Primogem articles, you are somewhat limited with what you can earn. Below, we’ve listed a good number of ways that you can get some free Primogems.

Although all these methods may not work for you, we hope that some of them work for you. As you can see from below, the daily commissions do redeem you the most, and the event from 2.2 will also be of help. Take a look at the full list of ways below.

  • From 42 Daily Commissions you will get 2520 Primogems.
  • 3 Spiral Abyss resets will occur in 2.2 which will give you 1800 Primogems if you clear it 3 times.
  • Maintenance and Issue Fix might give 600 Primogems.
  • 2.3 Live Stream Codes will yield 300 Primogems maybe.
  • HoYolab Daily Check in: 100 Primogems.
  • Childe & Hu Tao Test Run will give you 40 Primos.
  • Sayu & Thoma Hangout Event: 120 Primos.
  • Tsurumi Island Exploration, Quests and Achievements is estimated to give 1000 Primogems.
  • 2.2 Events will give 2260 Primogems.
  • Alloy’s Favorite Furnishin Sets: 40 Primos.
  • Paimon Shop Reset 5 Fates which is equal to 800 Primogems
  • Sakura Tree at level 40 will give 2 Fates which is equal to 320 Primos.
  • The total is equal to 9900 Primogems for a F2P which is equal to 61 Pulls.


We hope that this guide has helped you to get some extra primogems in Genshin Impact. With the latest update providing all these methods, this should be an easy, but grinding way to get yourself a free 5-star character.

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