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Genshin Impact News

New Shop Prices

As per Official Genshin Impact Twitter News: “…prices for purchases of in-game items by Travelers in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Tajikistan, Georgia, and regions using the Euro currency will also be adjusted accordingly.

Indeed the prices have been lowered by 10% which is decent in the long term for big spenders in the game, for example if you want to pull for a guaranteed 5* you would usually have to make a 80 pulls soft pity which used is around 12800 Primogems, if you buy crystals it would cost you 174 Euros, but now it would cost you 158 Euros, the game is free to play of course you do not have to spend anything if you do not want to, but this is a good adjustment for people that like spending in this game.

Event News

Lost Riches event has been introduced again in Genshin Impact with many new hidden and special treasures buried under the Inazuma grounds.

The treasure hunting event, Lost Riches has returned in Genshin Impact, but this time it is set in the new Inazuma region. While the event lasts, Travelers can partner up with the treasure-seeking Seelie to locate several hidden and special treasures under the grounds of Inazuma areas. However, it’s worth noting that players must be at least AR30 to participate and have completed the “Ritou Escape Plan” part of the Archon Quest in order to be eligible for this event.

While it’s pretty straightforward to discover the majority of Lost Riches treasures, many players have found it particularly tricky to get the special treasures. Therefore, here’s an essential Genshin Impact 2.0 Lost Riches event guide to help you finding day one’s special treasure and completing its puzzle to get free Primogems and other rewards.


Genshin News: Conclusion

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