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Genshin Impact Free 10 Intertwined Fates



Genshin Impact Free 10 Intertwined Fates

Genshin Impact patch 2.1 announced a logging screen that will award everyone 10 Intertwined Fates divided throughout 7 different days.

Intertwined Fate

Genshin Impact Event 2.1 Free wishes

they are summoning stones that will allow you to pull on the limited banners not on the permanent ones, so you will b e able to pull on Baal’s or Kokomi’s banner

How to get Intertwined Fates

You can get them from events such as this one, Purchase With Primogems, Purchase With Masterless Stardust in the shop Paimon’s Bargain category, Purchase With Starglitter, or you can obtain them as a reward from the battle pass.

How to Claim your Event’s Intertwined Fates

Genshin Impact Event 2.1 Free wishes

To Obtain your 10 free intertwined Fates you simply need to login every day for 7 days, go to your event tab and claim your everyday rewards,

Day 1 will give x1 Intertwined Fate

Day 2 will give x80000 Mora


Day 3 will give x2 Intertwined Fate

Day 4 will give x18 Mystic Enhancement Ore

Day 5 will give x2 Intertwined Fate

Day 6 will give x8 Hero’s Wit


Day 7 will give x5 Intertwined Fate

If you gather all the Intertwined Fate from all 7 days you will have 10 pulls on a limited banner and hopefully you might get lucky and pull your wanted character with them.


You will have 15 days to claim these rewards, so if you could not or you forgot to login the first days or in the middle you missed a few days you can still get your rewards if you connect 7/15 days before the event ends.


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