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Genshin Anniversary Predictions



Genshin Anniversary Predictions

Genshin Impact will reach 1 year release this 28th of September, with that many fans are hyped to see what kind of events and gifts will Mihoyo give for new players and veterans, fans have been speculating on social medias and here’s the most logic idea we found.

Check-In Rewards

Check-In rewards seems to be a very doable thing for the 1 year anniversary, the rewards needs to be good enough to make new or returning players come back for the event and possibly stay because a game that doesn’t get new players is doomed to die sooner than later.

Anniversary Cinematic

A cinematic that would show all regions of the game celebrating in their own themes with their own related characters would be nice to see and maybe show a teaser of newer regions or characters.

Anniversary Free 4 Star Character

Like in 1.3 where we got to chose one 4* character between the ones in the picture above, the anniversary could give us the chance to get them again or the ones that are hard to pull such as Amber, Lisa and Kaeya.

Anniversary Free 5 Star Selector

This could be the most hyped gift that would bring the most players back, but it is very unlikely to happen so do not get too much hyped, to not get disappointed in the end.



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