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Elemental Reactions Guide



Elemental Reactions Guide

Elemental Reactions are caused when two elements from Electro, Hydro, Cryo, Pyro, Anemo collide with one another causing a status on the enemy monster (Geo Element does not cause elemental reactions), these statuses vary in their utility and will prove beneficial to know them in harder stages of the game

Elemental Advantages

When you encounter an enemy that has an elemental shield you will need to use a certain element to break that shield faster to be able to damage the enemy’s health bar.

  • To break a Hydro Shield > Use Cryo Element
  • To break a Cryo Shield > Use Pyro Element
  • To break a Pyro Shield > Use Hydro Element
  • To break an Electro Shield > Use Cryo Element
  • To Break a Geo Shield > Use Geo, Claymores or (Pyro + Electro) reaction

Elemental Reactions

  • Vaporize: Caused when Pyro and Hydro collide which will increase your current Attack DMG.
  • Melt: Caused by Pyro and Cryo colliding which will also increase your current Attack DMG.
  • Overload: Caused by Electro and Pyro colliding which will trigger AoE damage and knock back small enemies.
  • Electro Charged: Caused when Electro and Hydro meet which will trigger damage to all Hydro affected targets around you for a few seconds.
  • Super Conduct: Caused when Electro and Cryo meet which will deal AoE Cryo Damage and reduce the target’s defence.
  • Frozen: Caused when Hydro and Cryo collide which will freeze the target’s movements in place for a while, breaking the ice with a claymore will cause extra damage.
  • Swirl: Caused when Anemo meets any other Element except Geo which will cause Aoe Damage of both elements.
  • Crystalize: Caused when Geo meets any other Element which will create a crystal on the ground, if you pick that crystal you will gain a shield.


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