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Daily Routine in Genshin Impact



Daily Routine in Genshin Impact

There are some tasks that you need to do daily in Genshin Impact for a smooth progression of your account, if you skip them then your account will get significantly behind at later stages of the game. Daily routine genshin impact

Daily Adventurer Commissions Daily routine genshin impact

Daily Commissions are 4 quests that you will need to do everyday you log in, the rewards are 10 Primogems each, plus Adventure EXPMora, and Companionship EXP scaled based on the Adventure Rank, to be able to do these quests you need to:

  • Reach Adventurer Rank 12
  • Complete the World Quest “Every Day a New Adventure.”
  • Open your quest menu and search for commissions they have a purple icon
  • Click navigate and go to the quest location
  • Complete the quest and do the same for the other 3 quests you have left
  • Once you complete them all go to the adventurer guild and speak to Katheryne 
  • Claim your daily commission rewards

Use all your Original Resin Daily routine genshin impact

Original Resin is the most important ressource in Genshin Impact the contents you complete using it are once that give the most rewards in the game, things like Domains, Bosses, Ley Line Blossoms all give useful resources for your account progression.

You recover 1 Original Resin every 8 minutes, until it reaches max which is 160 Original Resin, once it reaches 160 it will not go further so you will need to use it to be able to let it regenerate again, that is why you should never let your Original Resin get capped out and use it as soon as you have about 40 or 60 depending on the content you need to do, whether it is to farm Boss materials, Artifacts, Mora or Ascension materials.

Expeditions Daily routine genshin impact

Expeditions are a great way to passively getting resources, most people send their characters on Mora expeditions, because Mora is such an important resource at later stages of the game this makes it the best Expedition resource to go for, but there are other things to go for early on such as minerals or foil.

World Quests Daily routine genshin impact

World quests are 10 quests you can do daily that give Companionship EXP, if you want to learn more about these quests and how to trigger them here’s an article we made about it.


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