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Can you get Valorant on Steam?



Can you get Valorant on Steam?

So can you get Valorant on Steam? The Short answer is No, Valorant is a game made by Riot games, which is only available through the Riot Client. Because of this, you will not find it on Steam, Epic Games, or any other video game company as the game is only exclusive to Riot Games.  

Can you Get Valorant on Steam?

The game is also only available on PC for now, as fans are hoping for it to be on PS4 or Xbox One day, but it is not there yet and nothing new has been posted about that issue.  

Where can you get Valorant?

As we’ve already mentioned, Valorant is not on Steam. Therefore, you need to head over to the Valorant (RIOT Website) so you are able to download it. To download and install Valorant, follow these instructions!

  1. Head over to Valorant/Riot’s Website Here.
  2. Once you’re here, make an account or sign-in to Download Valorant.
  3. Once you’ve signed in, you should be able to go back to the first link (if not redirected) and download Valorant.
  4. You will be downloading the downloader, meaning you will need to install the Riot launcher, before installing the game which is around 10GB at the time of writing.
  5. Once installed, and signed into your account – you can now play Valorant on your PC!

This game was developed by Riot and so you won’t be able to get this on Steam, much like you can with EA and Apex Legends. We hope in the future that there may be some more mainstream adoption from Riot, but due to League of Legends being restricted, we highly doubt Valorant will change any time soon.

Conclusion on if you can get Valorant on Steam

We know that steam is very convenient, because of how many people use it to play all their games, but Valorant is a free game and this should not stop you if you want to try it on the riot client and see if you like it or not. 

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