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Can VR Headsets Help You Lose Weight Quickly?



Can you Lose Weight in VR

VR headsets are one of the upcoming gaming devices that many households are getting to have more fun in games, and in some cases – to be more healthy. There’s no secret that VR games are still an untapped market, but can a VR Headset help you lose weight?

Can a VR Headset Help you Lose Weight?

The real answer for this truly depends on how much you play. Although this is not medical advice and anything within this article shouldn’t be treated as it – a VR Headset can be used to be more physically active.

As we mentioned, just using a VR headset will not lose weight. However, with VR becoming a very big market and is expected to grow, game developers are already using lightweight and portable devices as fitness devices.

Apps such as FitXR, Beat Saber, and Holopoint is all very physically demanding games that can help you lose weight. Although we won’t review and cover all the aspects of these games in this article, we will however look at how they can help you lose weight.

Girl in VR for Weight Loss
Image Source: OvrPwr

How hard do you have to work to lose weight in VR?

Again, these questions we’re proposing are very subjective. For this guide, I used FitXR using the new HIIT Activity on the game. FitXR is a great game that has truly come a long way from its conception, with a previous name.

FitXR at its prime is simply a boxing app, where targets come towards you, and you simply – hit them. FitXR does have a subscription for HIIT activity, which we tested both and got similar results.

In short, a 15-minute HIIT session was the same as a 20-minute boxing session in FitXR. Both of these sessions in turn got mixed results when tracking calories burnt, but rest assured I did get a big sweat on when completing both of these.

On average (over 5 sessions of each), I burned 247 calories. This was taken from both my Apple Watch S5 (295 calories burned) and the game itself (199 calories burned). As far as “effort” goes, I did try with my punches, but towards the end, I had to slow down due to being… tired.


What are the Best Games to Lose Weight in VR?

At the moment, some games are only available on specific platforms, but I will try to find games that are available on all platforms. I will only list games I’ve played, that are both fun and entertaining to play, as well as healthy and getting you physically active.


BeatSaber is probably one of the first games you’ll come across on VR. BeatSaber has been around from pretty much the very beginning and has come a long way. You simply are standing in a big arena, with notes coming towards you that require you to swipe to break.

BeatSaber is a great game for getting your arms active and creating a bit of a sweat. The game itself is also very fun and doesn’t feel like a workout. With all of its popular songs and DLC, we really think this game is a great game to play when trying to lose weight!

BeatSaber VR
Image Source: BeatSaber

FitXR (Formerly BoxVR)

As we mentioned at the start of this article, FitXR is another amazing game to lose weight on. Unlike BeatSaber, FitXR’s whole purpose is to lose weight in VR. FitXR has two main game modes at the moment, boxing and HIIT activity.


When you play FitXR, you have the option of both of these but HIIT is a subscription-based game mode at the moment. We’ve definitely got our money’s worth when playing FitXR. This is also our go-to game when trying to lose weight on VR.

FitXR for Weight Loss in VR
Image Source: FitXR


Hollowpoint is another fun activity-based game where you are stood in an arena and are given the challenge of hitting targets with a bow and arrow. Hollowpoint does require a bit more physical play area compared to others on this list, but can definitely help you lose your weight.

Although Hollowpoint does require a bit of playing area, this game can definitely be a great way to lose some extra pounds with its fast-paced activities and bow and arrow mayhem.

Hollowpoint Lose Weight VR
Image Source: HollowPoint


Holofit as you can imagine is another game dedicated to fitness. Unlike FitXR, Holofit has another layer of fitness that is integrated into VR. Have you ever wanted to go for a run, a bike ride, or a quick trip in a boat but not wanted to leave your house.


Well, Holofit is a game that allows you to do this. Although some game modes require you to have the equipment already, you are more than able to go for any of these activities from the comfort of your own home. Similarly to FitXR, you can really get your sweat on and lose some of the weight when playing Holofit.

Holofit Holodia for Weight Loss in VR
Image Source: Holodia

Thrill of the Fight

Thrill of the Fight as you can imagine is a fighting-based fitness game. If you feel like boxing a fake person could be boring, or not very interactive, then you’re wrong. Thrill of the Fight is an amazing game to have a fight with a computer with realistic graphics and feelings.

You need to dodge and throw hard punches to keep the opponent on his toes, and with this – you can seriously burn some calories just by keeping on your toes. This game is great fun too, and we would recommend this game to anyone who wants to give it a go.

Thrill of the Fight VR
Image Source: Thrill of the Fight


All in all, we hope this guide has helped you understand what you can achieve using VR. We believe that you can lose weight when using VR, when you put your all into it. As ever, this guide was not intended to be used as medical advice, and if you are experiencing pain or other medical conditions that may interfere with this – you should consult a doctor before playing!


We hope you enjoy this content, and as ever if you want any more – be sure to check out the rest of OvrPwr, or come say hi to us on our socials, either on Twitter or Discord, where we’d love to have you! Happy VR’ing!

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