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Caitlyn is Getting a Visual Rework?



Caitlyn is Getting a Visual Rework?

Remus the beloved youtuber that leaks some league of legends content, has mentioned in his recent video that Caitlyn might be getting a new Visual Update, read below to know more.


Wild Rift and Classic League Caitlyn

Characters in Wild Rift seem to look better than their copies on Classic League, of course this is because Wild Rift is newer, but the changes are not so big that they would make the Classic League staff change many things about them, they just look slightly better in comparison to their older copies on the PC version, there are also old skins that have a different visual art than their PC versions, in addition, the changes Caitlyn model has received in TFT, has made people speculate that there would be a change to Caitlyn’s model in Classic League of Legends soon.


Source: CAITLYN VISUAL UPDATE REWORK 2021 – League of Legends

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