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Best F2P Weapon in Genshin Impact



Best F2P Weapon

Genshin Impact announced the banners and weapons that are coming with the next patch 2.1, within their announcement they showed us 2 Weapons which will be free and accessible to everyone, one of them could be the best F2P Weapon.

#1 Weapon : The Catch

Type: Polearm
Rarity: 4*
Effects: Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 16% and Elemental Burst CRIT Rate by 6%

Ovrpwr Genshin Impact best f2p weapons

This Weapon is great for F2P players as it is a good option for Baal, Xiangling and even Zhongli which doesn’t really need an ER Weapon but if you take this weapon which has ER you will then have to switch your Hourglass from Energy Recharge to HP% that way you ultimate will still be on a short cooldown and your Elemental Skill will give you more shield.

#2 Weapon: Luxurious Sea-lord

Effect: Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 12%. When Elemental Burst hits opponents, there is a 100% chance of summoning a titanic tuna that charges and deals 100% ATK as AoE DMG. This effect can occur once every 15s.

Ovrpwr Genshin Impact best f2p weapons

This looks like a troll weapon but the ability to boost the Elemental Burt DMG by 12% is good because you can refine this weapon to 5* easily this bonus will become 24% instead of 12% which is even better, the effect is very niche for now no one knows were it could be useful but maybe it will be good for something we don’t know off yet.


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