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Best Ashe Low Elo Build Patch 11.18



Best Ashe Low Elo Build Patch 11.18

Ashe is on the top 3 best ADC for low elo at the moment she is vety easy to play with a very good kit, the only negative thing about her is that she is immobile, making her easy to kill for assassins that can just jump on her, but with this build you will be much more harder to kill while still dealing alot of damage.

Ashe Runes

For runes you have two options if you are a total beginner and you do not know how to attack move go for Lethal Tempo, this will give you extra attack speed when you poke enemies in lane which is easy to do as Ashe, as you only have to land your W, if you are confident in your mechanics and have more game knowledge on when to punish players that over extend and have more confidence as a player overall pick Hail of Blades, whith this build you will have to go a bit more agressive, for that you will need a support that is not afraid to go in with you at level 2 or 3 something like a Leona, Pyke, Zyra is perfect for this build as the enemy player will have to run away from you because if he decides to trade back he will get either chain cc’ed or bursted by a high damage support like Zyra, but running away from an Ashe is not easy as she permanantly slow you and gain more attack speed with Hail of Blades, once you decide which game play you want to go with pick these runes and start stomping.

ashe build ovrpwr

Ashe Item Build

The Core Item for this Ashe build is Immortal Shieldbow this item’s passive is amazing for squichy champions like ashe in late game you can get a 700 hitpoint shield which will make you survive against any assassin that would oneshot you otherwise plus after getting that shied you get up to 35 extra attack damage for 8 sec this is like having an extra item at full build this item’s other passive is that it grants all other legendary items that you will build 5 extra attack damage and 50 health, after this item you can go Wit’s End if the enemy team has heavy ability power damage dealers which will save you against champions like Veigar late game, if there are no AP Champions on the enemy team you can take Phantom Dance to deny more damage if there are 2 assassins or go for Blade of the Ruined King if there are tanks in the enemy team, this build is very versatile so do not hesitate to pick whatever suits the game you are on and addapt

ashe build ovrpwr


Overall Ashe is a very fun champion to play, and a perfect pick if you want to start the ADC Role even though this role is not the greatest at the moment but this ashe build has seen alot of success in lower elo games, check out our Social Media: DiscordFacebook Twitter, to find out about any updates on the current strong champion of League of Legends. We are always updating our socials with news, guides, leaks and much more – so be sure to give us a follow!

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