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Are Minecraft’s Servers Down? | Minecraft Server Status



Are Minecraft Servers Down?

Are Minecraft’s Servers Down? Don’t worry, this article will let you know if Minecraft Servers are down! Today on OvrPwr, we take a look at if Minecraft Server’s are down, and how you can tell why it might be down!

Are Minecraft’s Servers Down?

No! Minecraft’s Official Servers are not currently down, or experiencing issues. This may not be accurate, depending on if you’re playing a non-official Minecraft Server. Please read below for more information on this!

Why can’t I join a server?

Although Minecraft might not be experiencing any issues with its servers, it doesn’t mean that the server you’re trying to connect to is. Minecraft’s servers are mostly community-run, and we can nearly guarantee that every server you’re trying to connect to is a community-run one.

With this being said, depending on the popularity of the server you’re joining – you may be able to look at a server status page for the server you’re joining, or head over to discord or social media channel where any maintenance or issues may be taking place. Most popular servers have a Discord channel, where other players may be experiencing the same issues.

Are Minecraft's Servers Down?
Image Source: Minecraft

Basic Minecraft Troubleshooting – Unable to Join Servers

Minecraft can be tricky sometimes, and give you some issues when trying to connect to servers. With this being said, today – we’re gonna look at some troubleshooting you can do in order to try to fix your issues – if they’re not server related.

Restart Your Game

A simple fix, both for login issues to servers and generally connecting to servers is to simply restart your game. This is probably something you’ve already tried, but it’s worth doing this once or twice to see if this fixes your login issues.

Try Connect to another Server

Although you might be trying to connect to a server that you love, it might be worth trying to connect to another, lesser or more popular server to ensure that it’s a widespread issue or just an issue with your server. If one server does work, and the other doesn’t – then the issue is with the server itself, and not you.


Check the IP/URL of the Server

A common issue people get wrong is if they’ve typed, or misspelt the URL or IP address of the server they’re trying to connect to. This is a simple fix, and might just need a few seconds going over the URL or IP again to ensure you got it right.

Restart your PC / Router

If none of the above works, then restarting your PC and router may help. This will clear any network information cached on your network or device, and therefore may help or even allow you access to the server you were on previously. This should only really be done as a last resort, just like the last two fixes.


Reinstall Minecraft

If all else fails, and you’re sure that your game or device is the issue with connecting to a server, then reinstalling Minecraft may be an easy fix. Minecraft is not a big game, and should only take 5-10 minutes to uninstall, and re-install. This could help resolve your issues, but do note that you’ll lose you’re settings and saved servers. This will not remove any server-based progress, as long as you log in with the same account.

Contact Microsoft Support

If you’ve reinstalled Minecraft and the issue is confirmed to be with your device or game, then the next best thing is to contact Minecraft support, which is Microsoft’s Support Page. You can find this here, and this is the best place to get tailored support, directly from the developers of Minecraft.



All in all, we hope that this guide has helped you identify if there is a widespread issue with Minecraft, or if the issues lie within a specific server, or your device. Let us know down in the comments if you’re still having issues, and we will try to help you where we can! Thanks for reading, be sure to check out our socials like our Twitter or Discord!

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