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Are Minecraft Servers Free?



Free Minecraft Servers

Are Minecraft Servers Free? This question gets asked quite a lot, almost 20,000 times a month from people like yourselves searching to find free Minecraft servers. Although this question is searched a lot, today on OvrPwr, we take a look at if Minecraft Servers are Free, and where you can find them. Let’s jump straight into it!

Are Minecraft Servers Free to Play

As this question is quite broad, we’ve narrowed it down to playing and hosting a server. Most Minecraft servers that you’ll play on are in fact free to play as standard. For example, with major arcade servers such as Mineplex, The Hive, or Hypixel, you can connect to the servers and play to your heart’s content.

In some cases, you can donate to the server and get some cool cosmetics or rewards for your games on the server. Most servers have these in-game purchases to ensure they can keep running. Joining a Minecraft server should never be paid for, unless you’re paying for a premium-player server, such as your favourite Youtuber or streamer, but this is rare.

Are Minecraft Servers Free to Host

As we’ve already mentioned, Minecraft servers that you play on usually have some kind of donation system in place in order to keep them going. On the surface, this would suggest servers need to be paid for in order to run.


In general, most servers that you play on in Minecraft, no matter the version – will have to pay to host the server you play on. The cost of these servers can vary, and isn’t always the same, depending on location, power, efficiency and multiple other features.

The short answer is, no and yes, Minecraft Servers are not free to host, but some hosts do offer free Minecraft Server Hosting for small groups of people.

This isn’t the end of this, however, as there are some places where you can get Free Minecraft Server Hosts. Let’s take a look at some of these now;

Best FREE Minecraft Server Hosts

As we’ve mentioned, there are some FREE Minecraft Server hosts. Here are some of the best ones we’ve seen so far.


MineHut – A 100% Free Minecraft Server Host

MineHut is a great free server host that you can use to set up, and play with your friends. You will need to create an account, and you can buy maps, worlds and plugins that all contribute to your free server. This is another great reason to use MineHut. Check them out here!

SkyNode – A 100% Free Forever 4-Player Server is another free Minecraft host that you can use to play with a small group of friends. Although their is no support, and the server is not super powerful, at the end of the day this is a free forever, 4-player server that you can use to play Minecraft with your friends! We really like SkyNode, and you can check them out here!


Best Cheap Minecraft Server Hosts

If free is a little lacklustre for you, then the next best option is to get a paid option, but a cheap one at that. The below few options are some of the best cheap Minecraft server hosts that you can use to one-up your server, and even start your own Minecraft server for the public.

ShockByte Hosting – Best Minecraft Server Host on a Budget

ShockByte Hosting is one of the better Minecraft Server Hosts that you can get on a budget. They are really reliable and offer a one-of-a-kind service when comparing other budget hosts. Even their top-range servers are quite cost-effective, and staff members from OvrPwr have used ShockByte before! We really think you should try them out, we really love them!


Overall, we hope that this guide has helped you understand how you can play and host your own Minecraft Servers for free. Let us know down in the comments or over on our Socials and let us know how we’re doing with these articles! Good luck with your servers, and keep on placing those blocks!

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