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Are Minecraft Mods Free? | What are the Best Mods?



Are Minecraft Mods Free?

Are Minecraft Mods Free? Minecraft is one of those games that many players can’t get enough off. During recent times, Minecraft has another burst in player-count, and this has multiple reasons why. Within Minecraft, you can also mod your game, and make even more features occur within your game to make it last even longer.

Today on OvrPwr, we take a look at why Minecraft Mods exist, and if they’re free to get and use! Let’s jump straight into it!

What are Minecraft Mods?

Minecraft Mods are simply small plugins, mods, and files that you can install into your Minecraft game in order to enhance functionality, or playability. In short, a Minecraft Mod could be something as simple as adding cosmetic, or visual items to the game, creating new items, or could even revolutinze your install of Minecraft.

Minecraft Mods come in all shapes and sizes, with some development teams creating modpacks, which as you can guess – are just multiple mods made for Minecraft, combined into a single install, or version of Minecraft allowing you to play a completly new version of the game.


Are Minecraft Mods Easy to Install?

Minecraft Mods in general are fairly easy to install. You will need a mod-loader, such as Forge before you can load these mods however. Although this guide won’t go over how to install Minecraft Mods, we will be writing an article on this soon!

Minecraft Mods should be a case of dragging and dropping the mod folder, package, or files into the mod loader folder that something like Forge creates. Then, you’re game should be modded and this is about it!

There are also hundreds, if not thousands of Mod installation videos over on Youtube should you want to take look, if you get stuck!

Are Minecraft Mods Free?

A common question people ask, is if Minecraft Mods are free. The simply answer to this, is “yes, they should be”. 99% of the mods that you can get for single-player or indeed multiplayer Minecraft are usually always free, and community built.


With this being said, there are many plugins and mods that people do try to sell, as they’ve put a lot of work into their game modes, and therefore want to be rewarded for people using it. You should only really pay for a mod if you know what you’re getting. For the most part though, mods are free, and there is a good chance that any mod you can imagine is available, and free!

Are Minecraft Mods Free?
Image Source: Microsoft / Minecraft

Are Minecraft Mods Illegal?

No! Minecraft Mods are not illegal, as you’re not breaking any laws, or even terms of service from Minecraft. Although Minecraft’s TOS suggest again using mods, and the game will not be supported if you break it – you are allowed to add mods to enhance your gameplay.

In short, you are able to install as many, or as little Minecraft mods as you wish, and they will all be ok with Mojang/Minecraft, as long as you don’t ask for help with it!

What are the Best Minecraft Mods?

Some of the best Minecraft mods out there have millions, if not tens of millions of downloads, which proves they are really worth your time to install and have some fun with. To start with, there are some honourable mentions, which are more to help you with managing other mods. Forge for example, is a mod loader that allows you to use mods – so make sure you have this!

Optifine – Performance Mod


If you’re ever having issues running Minecraft, or want to zoom in a bit – then Optifine is an amazing mod that you can use. Optifine at its core is a performance mod, enhancing your perofmrnace when playing the game, but it does have some other cool features such as zooming in, and capes! Take a look at Optifine here!

JourneyMap – Map Enhancement Mod

JourneyMap is another great plugin you can use for yourself. JourneyMap maps your Minecraft world in real-time, and allows you to add waypoints. Have you ever found yourself stuck in a really cool cave with no pickaxe? Waypoint it and come back when you have your tools! Check our JourneyMap here.

NEI (Not Enough Items) – Recipie Menu Mod


If you’re a PC player, then you’ve definetly had to google some recipies for Minecraft items. Even with the latest version of Minecraft giving recipie advice, NEI (Not Enough Items) adds a menu into your game, that shows off all the items in your game. This includes other mod items too, so this is a must-mod for when you want to make your own mod pack! Check our NEI here.

Chisel – Block Modifing Mod

Is Minecraft getting a bit boring to look at, even with a texture pack? Don’t worry, Chisel will help you with this. Chisel is a mod that you can have on your game, that allows you to add any block in order to turn it into one of hundreds of combinations, making each block unique and to how you want it! Take a look at Chisel here, and how you can add it to your game!

BuildCraft – Machine Mod


Build Craft is a great mod to start automating your land and game. Build Craft brings items such as quarrys, generators and even automated systems to store items into the game, allowing you to get a bit more mechanical with Minecraft. We love this mod, and we think you will too! Be sure to check out BuildCraft here!

AE2 (Applied Energistics 2) – Machine and Energy Mod

Similar to Build Craft, AE2 (or Applied Energisitcs 2) is a Minecraft mod focused around energy and transformation of energy and land. Brining multiple new items into the game, we’re sure that you’ll get way more out of Minecraft by using this mod! Take a look at AE2 here, and let us know what you think!


All in all, Minecraft Mods are some of the best ways to get the most out of your Minecraft game if you’re playing over on PC. We’re sure that some of the mods we’ve listed that are all free will be sure to give you so much more enjoyment out of the game!


Let us know what you thought about this guide down in the comments, or over on our Twitter or Discord! Take care, and happy Minecrafting!

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