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Amakumo Fruit is a Local Specialty that can only be found in Inazuma’s Seirai Island, this materials has only one use so far, which is to ascend the five star character Raiden Shogun, there can only be a total number of 95 Amakumo Fruits on the map at one time, and once you collect one of them you will need to wait 3 days for them to respawn again.

Amakumo Fruit Information

Amakumo Fruit



Respawn Time

Local Speciality


3 Days


The fruit of the Amakumo Grass, which grows on Seirai Island. You can hear it crackling with a tiny current if you hold it up to your ear.

Best Location

Seirai Island

Characters that use Amakumo Fruit for Ascension

Characters That use Amakumo Fruit for Ascension



1st Ascension:   3  Amakumo Fruits

2nd Ascension: 10 Amakumo Fruits
3rd Ascension:  20 Amakumo Fruits
4th Ascension:  30 Amakumo Fruits
5th Ascension:  45 Amakumo Fruits
6th Ascension:  60 Amakumo Fruits

Total= 168 Amakumo Fruits

Amakumo Fruit Map Location

Amakumo Fruit

You can find this map by going to Teyvat Interactive Map website and search for all the materials you need, note that once you farm one of these Amakumo Fruits you will need to wait 3 days for it to respawn again.

How it looks like in the world before collecting it

Amakumo Fruit

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