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Affiliate/Earning Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

At OvrPwr, we have several income streams that we utilize, to keep OvrPwr running. Ads are displayed on the site, and we may be paid a small fee, or commission to show you these ads.

Not only this, but you may stumble across some ‘Affiliate links’, which are links that we may recieve commission for your clicks or further action on a third-party site. Although we have no list of these affiliate links, you can usually find them with any outgoing links.

If you click on these links, we may be paid a small fee (or reoccurring fee depending on your actions) which we will receive. Although we aim to put most of this money back into the development into the site, these funds often go into a holding state within OvrPwr.

If you have any questions about our affiliate disclosure or would like to talk to us about any earnings the site makes, please let us know in the “Contact” section, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs!

Affiliation Partner

We are currently partnering with for our affiliate needs. In short, lets us affiliate ourselves, and gain affiliate reputation for the long term, allowing us to show you offers and affiliate links that will be relevant to you.

Charlie.Co.In also looks for the best deals with our affiliated partners, making it even better for you as a reader. You can find out more about at their website, which will help you understand what they do as a brand.

We may also partner up with other brands, such as Amazon’s Affiliate (Amazon Associates) to provide affiliated links, where OvrPwr may be rewarded a commission to complete. These should be taken into consideration and noted that any link external to maybe rewarding us for your click.