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5 Tips for Low-Elo League of Legends Players



5 Tips for Low-Elo League of Legends Players

One of the most frustrating things for low-Elo League of Legends players is the fact that they win their lanes in a ranked game but in the end, they lose the game. This makes most people rage at their team or even uninstall the game. The purpose of this guide is to help these low-Elo players understand why they are losing their games and provide them with some solutions that will help them win more games.  

Note: If you are above platinum, you’re not classed as low-elo. Because of that, these tips and approaches may not apply to you as much, but feel free to keep reading to find out!  

League of Legends is a game of 5 vs 5, and the sooner you understand what this means, the better for you in the future, even at low-elo this is important to know… (because it’s a team game). When you get ganked you shouldn’t rage at your jungler, when you get roamed on you shouldn’t blame your team, but rather you blame yourself because you either didn’t watch the map for missing champions, did not listen to your team’s pings, and did not ward your surroundings. You shouldn’t expect to play a 1v1, to outplay your opponent and call it a satisfactory game, this is the wrong mentality to have. Although it might feel amazing to destroy your opponent, trash talk, or BM them, at the end of the day if their team wins, then what was it all for? 

Mute All  

The first tip we recommend for low-elo players is, as soon as you enter the game write “/mute all” in chat and play the game you will have a much better experience playing the game. This is because your teammates in low-elo games will usually not make any useful calls, but rather use their pings for raging.  


By muting everyone, it will allow you to focus on the game more and play at your own pace. If you are someone that stresses a lot because of what others say, then this will also be a great solution. Sometimes you may be playing fine and make a small mistake, but your teammates start flaming you and because of that, you start playing even worse. To prevent that just mute everyone and if someone is spamming, trolling, or BM’ing you with emotes, then mute them also by pressing TAB and clicking on the smiley above that champion score. This will mute the users emotes for you too.  You can also report the players afterwords if you feel the need to, for RIOT to deal with.

Farming & Wave Management  in Low-Elo Games  

Don’t be afraid of the word wave management because even some challenger-level players do not master this skill easily. In this guide, we will only scratch the surface. Farming is straightforward when you put your mind to it and practice. Try your best to have at least 70cs within 10 minutes of a game. 

If you find yourself with only 30cs at 10min there’s a huge problem even if you’re winning lane. Roughly speaking, 15cs equals a kill in League, so if you’re leaving your lane filled with minions and roaming or helping your jungler don’t do that anymore. Always push the wave to the enemy turret, and if you want to recall or roam, should you have to recall and you can’t push the wave fast or you are low health, then stay under the turret and wait for a cannon wave to arrive.  

Minion Farm Wave in League of Legends
Image Source | @Leaguepedia

At that point, you can then recall away, and that way the enemy will take more time to shove the wave under your turret in an attempt to make you lose farm. The turret focuses the cannon minions first and takes 8 shots from the turret to die. This means you have about 15 seconds if you walk from the base back to your turret. The cannon minion might be dead before you arrive if your opponent has pushed fast enough, but you’ll still have the 6 minions under turret hopefully.  

Farming Under Turret:  


This is an important skill you need to be patient and wait for the turret to hit the melee minion 2 shots and you last hit them before the 3rd shot arrives. 

For the ranged minions it is a little bit more complicated as you have to hit them once before the turret hits them, and then hit them once more after the turret hits them. This however doesn’t apply if you’re an AD champion and you have bought an AD item that would only need you to hit them once after the turret hits them once.   

For the cannon minions, it depends on your minions and how long it took for him to get to the tower so if you’re afraid of missing him use abilities because it’s always better to lose mana than to lose the cannon minion due to the gold value.    

Freezing the wave: 


Freezing the wave is very beneficial in some matchups. For example, if you’re a ranged champion and your opponent is a melee champion and you are winning lane freezing is always a good idea because he will have to walk up to get farm and if he does you can punish him with your ranged attacks, or even set up a gank with the jungler to freeze the wave.  

To do this, you just need to let the enemy minions arrive very close to your turret but don’t let them crash into it, in other words, the turret must not be able to hit them. Let them stay in that place for a long as possible, only taking the last hit most of the time.  

However, if you see that the number of enemy minions is too big and feel it will push your minions to your turret, you can use your abilities to thin out the wave a little bit to maintain the freeze for longer – or let it push towards your turret if you want to break the freeze and roam. 

When to hard Push the wave:  


Usually, if you’re a champion that can poke under turret and that has an escape ability such as a dash or invisibility, and if your enemy is a champion that has a hard time farming under turret and has to use mana like control mages, it is a good idea to push the wave. You should be careful of this though because if you are always under enemy turret, you are vulnerable to ganks from behind and the jungle areas.  

Roaming & Back timing   

If you have a big wave of minions that you need to farm, roaming is a bad idea even if your jungler needs help. It is most likely not worth leaving that gold and exp in your lane to go help someone else’s lane. 

Prioritizing is very important before roaming or helping your jungler. If the minions are under your turret, you don’t have lane priority. This means that the enemy lane has more freedom to make plays with his jungler than you. If you want to move to another lane, you will lose a huge amount of exp and gold and will be even more behind without gaining anything. Sometimes even if you roam and get a kill or two it is not worth leaving a big wave under your turret, so always keep this in mind.  

Backing can also be tricky but as explained in the farming section of this guide you have to make sure you are not losing out on CS, which are your exp and gold. When backing if you have teleport, this easier because you can back whenever you are low on mana or health and come back fast. Don’t let your opponent back making him decide whether to back and lose minions or stay with a disadvantage in mana and health and risk dying.  


Team Fighting in Low-Elo  

The most important part in the game might be team fighting because if you’re playing Ashe and flash auto-attack inside the enemy team comp then you’re most likely flashing to your death and you’ll get reported for this mistake.  

You must learn how to position yourself in team fights if you’re an Assassin like Akali or Zed, that way you are always hiding and waiting for an opportunity to one-shot their carries. Never use your burst on a tank. 

Low-elo Team Fight in League of Legends
Image Source: Blog of Legends

If you’re an AD Carry like Ashe, Jinx, or Caitlyn stay behind and poke anyone that gets in range even if it is a tank and be very careful of the enemy assassin because they will most likely try to target you. If you see they have already used their burst on someone else, don’t be afraid to try to go for an outplay.   

If you are playing a Control Mage such as Viktor or Xerath your job is to do huge AoE damage to the enemy team and to keep them away from you by using your stun and slow abilities. This will not only help save your team’s lives but may also help you take them from the opponent’s team too.   

Knowing your Champion  

If you want to have fun and try a new champion make sure you do that in a normal game and practice that champion for at least 50 games before bringing it to rank, otherwise you’re just going to lose more games. The more experience and games you play with a champion the more you will know who counters you when playing it and who you can beat. 

Champions in League of Legends
Image Source: League of Legends

 If you go in blind, even if some websites give you the runes to use and the information about who counters you you’ll still not be able to understand how and why your champion works intricately unless you have already played that matchup against a good player then you will know. 

Practice is key in this case and the more you practice a champion in normal games the more confident you will be when playing them in a ranked game. 

If you have high ping don’t play cool champions like Akali and Yasuo because they require good ping to make good use of them, I recommend playing Annie if you’re a mid-laner, Garen if you’re a Toplaner, Caitlyn if you’re Adcarry, Leona or Yuumi if you’re a support player and finally Xin Zhao if you’re a jungler  


All in all, when you look at low-elo gameplay, you may come up against a lot of toxicity from other players who think they know better. If you stick it out, ignore the toxicity, and work on bettering yourself, and your team – we’re sure that you’ll come out on top and be ready for the challenger games!  Take a look through some of our other League of Legends content here.

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