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3 Champions that Win Late Game



3 Champions that Win Late Game

The difference between skill champions, and scaling champions is night and day, it defines how you want to play the game, a scaling champion will mostlikely want to play the lane slow and not go for big plays, until he gets his two or three items power spike, then start rolling on everyone, below are three champions you should play if you like this game style.



Nasus is a very annoying champion when he hits late game especially if his team gave him enough time to split farm and stack his passive, the trick about Nasus is all about that passive ability, when he uses Q and kills an enemy, minnion, dragon he will get extra AD for that kill, something like a Veigar Q but the only difference is that Veigar can get AP when he just hits an enemy champion without killing them but Nasus needs to deal the last hit with his Q, with this passive he can build full tank and still be able to one shot the enemy carries with one or two Qs Max.



The best counter to every annoying tank like Nasus, Malphite, Trundle, or any tank that likes to dive into your team and not get punished by it, is Vayne, she is the tank shreder in late game she is guaranteed to kill anyone after 3 auto attacks, add to that her mobility and survivability that comes with her invisibility Vayne is a late game stomper, her range is very low so you might get bullied and poked out of lane but stay calm and do not go for poor plays, instead farm as much as you can to get your power spike and good luck to the enemy team.



One of my favorite champions to play is Kayle, she is a champion that you can feel and see her growth in the game, level 1 to 6 you are useless, after level 6 your auto attacks will become ranged, at level 11 your E and auto attacks will deal AoE Damage after stacking it, at level 16 your auto attacks will permanantly deal AoE Damage, and you will be able to kill everyone, with Kayle you have to be a very controled player because it is very boring early but once you hit your power spike nothing can stop you, she might be the best late game champion right now.


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